Wednesday, October 13, 2004


ASSAULT: An Auburn woman was arrested for assault after she hit her mother in the face several times and then hit her on the head with a trophy. The incident occurred Wednesday in the 300 block of R Street Southeast.

RECKLESS: Auburn police arrested a man for reckless driving after they clocked him doing 53 mph in a school zone in the 500 block of 37th Street Southeast. He was driving without a valid driver's license.

VANDALISM: A candidate for state representative saw about 70 of his campaign signs along Duthie Hill Road cut with a knife. The vandalism occurred over the last half of August and first half of September He called his opponent and asked that something be done. The vandalism stopped, then resumed. Some campaign workers said they saw a vehicle with the driver loading up the signs. The sign thief was confronted, who said something about ``them ruining the country'' and seemingly unconcerned about the illegality of his actions. The thief drove off.

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